David Ramirez

Art Style - mixed media, painter

Ramirez is a street-influenced color artist. From illustrations and family inspiration, Ramirez found the power and adrenaline of Graffiti art. After moving to the Central Coast, he started experimenting with oil and acrylic paint. Unlike graffiti art which is much more planned out and has time constraints, painting for him now, whether on canvas or recycled materials, is a spontaneous and mysterious process…

David Ramirez's latest work

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shane stoneman cayucos collective artist

Shane Stoneman

Art Style - Paint - Music - Writing

Shane Stoneman was born in California in 1973 and moved to Oahu as a child. It was in these early years in Hawaii that Shane became infatuated with surfing and surfboards. By the time his family moved back to California in the early 80’s, he was a complete surf addict. When he wasn’t actually surfing […]

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grady houser artist profile cayucos collective

Grady Houser

Art Style - Paint

Grady Houser hath returned to the Central Coast with a plethora of metaphysical knowledge and mind-bending artwork. In the early 70’s Houser moved to a studio apartment in Cayucos where he lived above the tavern and contemplated the deepest and most mysterious questions about our universe. He currently lives in a temple in Puerto Rico where he meditates daily, tuning into divine information and translating it through our world of forms… explore this exclusive Q & A to get a deeper understanding of the artwork behind Grady Houser…

Grady Houser's latest work

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night ride painting abe toke cayucos collective

Abe Toke

Art Style - Paint, Sculpture, Mixed Media

Cayucos Collective Co-Founder and art sensei. Abe grew up on the Central Coast and currently lives in Cayucos where he helps run the Cayucos Collective store front and continues his passions of surfing, skating, art and design. His work in the shop includes paintings, “Skullptures”, surfboards, graphic designs, and other mixed media pieces.

Abe Toke's latest work

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josh carrillo charcoal art artist profile

Josh Carrillo

Art Style - charcoal - wood - metal

Josh Carrillo is an Auto Builder, mobile fabricator, and artist currently living in Los Osos. Josh specializes in charcoal art pieces, mostly influenced by sub-cultures of California. Josh’s full Bio will be coming shortly…..for now check out a couple of his pieces in our gallery….

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orr menard skate art artist profile pic

Orr Menard

Art Style - Mixed Media - Skate Art

Orr Menard is a twisted and talented artist, core skater, and bizarre individual from the Central Coast. His artwork can be seen on the bottom of skate decks for the skateboard company, Bacon. His alternative perspectives have also been showcased in Thrasher Magazine, among other publications in the skate industry. He’s known for bizarre sharpie […]

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kim cory art at the cayucos collective

Kim Cory

Art Style - Sculptures - Mixed Media

Kim Cory is an artist from Big Sur that specializes in mixed media and sculptures. Her complete bio will be coming shortly. In the meantime check out a couple of her latest items….

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doug glass artist profile

Doug Glass

Art Style - Sculptures - Mixed Media

Doug Glass gathers materials he finds along the of our Central Coast shoreline to create his infamous “Beach Caves”. Each “Beach Cave” is meticulously crafted using nothing but a pocket knife and glue and natural materials from our beaches. Keep your books, dvds, and other items in order with a set of his bookends, or […]

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lori traylor jewelry artist profile cayucos colective

Lori Traylor

Art Style - Jewelry - Seaglass

Lori Traylor was born trying to put her spin on life. She’s experimented with lots of mediums-textiles-pottery-glass but finally settled on jewelry she feels “like jewelry can be anything and everything.”
Lori Traylor is a Central Coast native who loves the ocean and making jewelry….learn more about her art in this Q and A.

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julian temple band music at the cayucos collective

Julian Temple

Art Style - music - writing - vocals

Discover Central Coast/Kiwi musician Julian Temple of the Julian Temple Band. Currently on tour in New Zealand, Julian grew up on the Central Coast surfing and strumming his acoustic guitar. Recently, he was nominated for an international songwriting award by the ISC. Check this quick Q and A with the infamous local muso…

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kelly borchard jewelry artist profile cayucos collective

Kelly Borchard

Art Style - jewelry - seaglass

Kelly Borchard is a long-time Cayucos painter and jewelry designer. She enjoys working outdoors where nature inspires her to create. Learn a little more about stories behind her Seaglass and bead jewelry…

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central coast artist teresa hardy

Teresa Hardy

Art Style - jewelry / paint / marker

Teresa Hardy is surf artist. She makes jade jewelery and ocean themed art pieces. Her full bio is coming soon…

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Luke Trevelyan Pyrographic artwork bio image

Luke Trevelyan

Art Style - "Pyrographics" / Wood Burning

Luke is a long time local of Cayucos and his passion is fire. He produces original artwork under the brand “Inspired Fire” and uses his personal codes to help him bring about his creativity.

Luke Trevelyan's latest work

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Ira Amerson

Art Style - Photography

Ira Amerson is one of the Central Coast’s premier surf photographers. His work has been shown in Surfer Magazine, Surfing Magazine, Deep Magazine, Surfline.com, Surfer’s Journal, and more. His use of color, contrast, depth, and exposition are outstanding. Ira’s full bio and image gallery will be coming soon…. Connect with him on Ira Foto Facebook […]

Ira Amerson's latest work

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