Custom Shirts Catalog

If you prefer a different shirt than the styles offered on our Custom T-shirts page, please find a style of clothing you like in our catalog, and we'll print on that for you! Simply browse the available styles in the catalog, find one you like that fits our requirements*, then contact us for a quote on your project! **Min Order 12 items per style**

Order Questions? Call (805) 900-5247 during normal business hours, or send us an email at

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*Min Order 12 Items per Style! Cotton and 50/50 Cotton-Polyester blends are the best materials for our digital printing process. Clothing material CAN NOT contain any nylon or acrylic! Please contact us if you have any concerns about the style of clothing you wish to print on. Choosing your own style of clothing will add about 3-5 days to your project turnaround time and can add anywhere from $1 to $5, or more, to the per item price. Minimum Order of 12 items required per style.