1. You accept the terms listed as the “buyer” ;
  2. Copyright: Buyer has right to print graphic used in customized products. We assume you have permission to use the images provided and are not responsible for any damages for any reason;
  3. Copyright: All graphics on this site provided by the Cayucos Collective are trademarked and copywrite protect, the buyer or anyone else do not have the right to reuse for any reason;
  4. Returns: We accept returns only for faulty product like torn t-shirt etc. Otherwise product is sold as is and we do not accept any responsibility for replacing the shirt for random “disatisfactory” reasons. Returns are not allowed for wrong size etc, unless you are at our location in downtown Cayucos and we can print you a new one at that time ;
  5. Shipping: Free Shipping for orders over $50, excluding some larger items like art pieces, etc. Shipping cost will determined at time of purchase for those non clothing or large items. Free Shipping is not available for large orders of custom printed items;
  6.  Thank you for shopping with the Cayucos Collective.